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Mold Remediation Process

Mold is part of our daily lives. Unless we live in a clean lab, we all are going to have some levels of mold in our home. The key to safe and effective mold remediation is addressing the problem without inadvertently causing mold spores to spread to another place in the house. Having said that, we follow a very systematic approach to resolve the entire issue and deliver results.

FREE Mold Inspection

A mold inspection will help us in understanding a situation which more often builds up into a health risk down the road.

Our FREE mold inspection procedure involves:

  • Visually inspecting all key areas of concern with a thorough eye
  • Closely examining for any elevated moisture readings
  • Running a thermal imaging procedure if required to find micro details
  • Perform an air particle count

We also make use of professional-grade testing equipment to make sure every spore is counted. While a lot of mold remediation agencies or companies don’t go to this extreme level of inspection, we find it very important to identify the entire situation correctly before we move on with the next steps.

NOTE:  At times, if at the very first inspection we feel like the mold can be easily remedied without bearing any additional cost of hiring a professional - we communicate the same to the property owner.

Also, if the mold is affecting an area less than 10 square feet (3 ft. by 3 ft. patch), then we advice the property owner to easily clean the mold themselves.

If the affected area is more substantial, or caused by a leaking pipe which has to be fixed, then we suggest a professional's help.

Budget estimation at no hidden cost

After inspection of your property, we will give you a competitive written estimate for the mold remediation. Generally, the mold remediation will cost in a price range from $500 to $5000 depending upon various factors, such as:

  • Mold Size: The mold size (or volume) is one of the most important factor while deciding the price. Depending upon the size of the mold (area covered) the price varies.
  • Mold Location: This is yet another factor that is considered during a cost estimate. Areas like bathrooms, attics, ventilation, AC systems, kitchen, basement etc., necessitate special cleaning methods, and this can potentially vary the costs.
  • Technique: Deciding on the possibility as to whether the mold has to be cleaned or removed completely. For example, it is easy to clean the fabrics, but in situations where the mold have discolored or damaged the surface like insulation or carpets, then it requires removal procedure. This "mold removal technique" will vary the price.
mold remediation before after

Project Execution

After identifying the mold issue, finally, the task of mold removal begins. Mold remediation is a multi-step process. Like no two mold jobs are exactly alike, and every situation has its own set of challenges to complete the task, we ensure to provide an adequate result and generally follow the standard protocol:

Step 1: Set Containment

Set containment under negative air around the area to be worked.  This entails building plastic walls and placing a negative air machine in the containment. Best highlight about the negative air machine is that it puts the containment under a vacuum.  This allows Eco FMR to complete the work inside the contained area without spreading mold or dust to the unaffected areas.

Step 2: Remove Materials

If anything can be removed, like furniture, toys, clothing, vanities, carpet pad, etc. are generally brought offsite for cleaning and thus ensure that all mold spores can be eradicated, involving deep cleaning with an antimicrobial cleanser.

Step 3: Remediate

Our experts remediate the space by cleaning, wire brushing, HEPA vacuuming from floor to ceiling. We will wipe all surfaces down with an anti-microbial, and finish with a ULV fog of the air space. At this point, we will leave an air scrubber for 2-4 days and air movers and dehumidifiers to bring the area to an acceptable dry state.

Step 4: Test & Confirm

In the end, we conduct a clearance test where an independent third party hygienist performs the analysis.  After clear inspection, these experts will provide you with a clearance document stating your residence or office building space is clean and habitable, and also validate the mold job that our experts performed. 

Set Containment before Mold Removal
Containment Set Containment before Mold Removal
Containment Cleaning, HEPA vacuuming
Cleaning, HEPA Vacuuming

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Our goal for any mold remediation or removal project in San Diego is to provide you with a safe, hygienic residence or office building. We have been helping families in San Diego remove mold for more than 25+ years. Let us help you, too.

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