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Residential & Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Service

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Fire damage at your home or business can be traumatizing. Dealing with it after a fire incident can further make things worse. At EcoFMR, we understand your loss and provide you with our time-bound and professional fire, smoke restoration service.

Fire incidents leave behind a trail of damages. They also cause stains on walls, shelves, your belongings, and other surfaces. In properties ravaged by fire, some parts still retain the smell of smoke as a reminder of what happened. Fire damage is a problem, and handling this requires expertise.

Our latest equipment, unique restoration process, highly-trained staff and open communication with our clients sets us apart from the rest. We are knowledgeable and also cater to the emotional trauma that you might be going through.

"They are very professional.. and once things were set up and running, Kenny stayed in close contact. He was easy to get a hold of and he came to personally and meticulously check-up on the progress regularly."

Janie H.
- El Cajon, CA

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Assessing the extent of fire damage

Many people do not see the need for fire damage restoration services because they do not understand the extent of damage caused by a sudden fire accident. The fallout from a fire incident is tragic. It affects your property, surroundings, and even your health.

Fire Damaged House

Primary Damage

After a fire outbreak, some damages stand out easily. They include burnt or damaged properties – furniture, household appliances, equipment, cabinets, and many others. These damages are the first focus of any restoration attempt.

Our fire & smoke restoration service will determine the areas of your home or office that need repair. We take steps to prevent further casualties. For example, a shaky handrail can lead to another incident later if not replaced. We also determine the properties for salvaging and those that need discarding.

Ceiling With Smoke

Secondary Damage

Apart from the damage and destruction caused due to a fire outbreak, there are also stains, odors from the smoke, soot and residue causing secondary damage to your personal belongings and the building materials. It is imperative to clean up and repair the smoke, soot and residue from all over the walls, ceilings, carpets, your belongings, and other surfaces.

The secondary damages from a fire can be terrible because they could extend beyond the spot where the fire occurred. We use the best cleaning equipment and products to ensure that we deal with smoke, stains and odors from such fire incidents, and restore your property back to normal.

Restored House

EcoFMR: The Complete Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Service

We do not just stop at handling the primary damages alone. We also deal with the secondary and tertiary complications of a fire outbreak. We make sure that we return your home or office to its best possible former condition.

Our pro-active approach to fire damage restoration includes taking necessary steps to mitigate any other unintended consequences such as smoke damage cleanup and soot removal, and prevent structural damage caused from the fire outbreak.

Why Choose Us?

Family Owned, Smoke Damage Repair Company

As a CRA and IICR certified, fully licensed and insured general contractor, we offer one of the most effective fire and smoke damage restoration services. We work hard to make sure that our customers are understood and meet their needs. Our primary aim is to cut down the turnaround time significantly.

Rapid Response

We understand that every fire and smoke damage situation will require immediate action. We have the expertise to deliver 24/7 services, in the most urgent conditions.

Accurate Assessment

We have the knowledge and expertise to carry out a proper and thorough assessment of the extent of fire damage caused, keeping our communications open and transparent.

Affordable & Insured

We are affordable, and have tie-ups with most of the insurance companies, making them pay directly without you having to pay upfront. The process is simple and easy.

Our disaster recovery experts are trained and equipped to fully restore your property as quick as possible.

We are industry experts, trained to clean, repair and fully restore your home or office within the shortest time possible. We do not cause undue disturbance to your daily activities or workflow. We are available 24/7 for any emergency fire & smoke damage cleanup, repair and re-construction.

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"We CARE! We care about our customers and keen on doing a great job. It is important to have a great line of communication with our customers to keep them informed throughout the process." - Kenny Olson (Owner)

Kenny Olson

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need professional clean up services? Can I do it myself?

Dealing with fire damage is not an easy task. Before trying to do it yourself, consult a specialist first. Most fire damage restoration tasks are not DIY projects. You would need someone with a great deal of experience to determine the magnitude of the problem. You would also need guidance to identify the right solutions.

Do I need to move out during the restoration process?

It depends on the extent of the damage. If several parts of the property are damaged, it can put your life at risk. It is not advisable to stay inside a heavily compromised apartment or office. Doing so can have adverse health effects. You should leave if the smoke residue is causing damage to your health. The best option is always to consult a professional to help you decide.

How long does the damage restoration process take?

It is tough to give a fixed time for the entire process. It depends on the degree of damage. However, we always make the best efforts to complete restoration in the earliest possible time while considering your safety.

Do you take care of the water used to put out the fire?

Yes, we do. Water is another factor that can cause mold growth. After the fire goes out, we will extract the water to prevent further mold damage.

Are all fires same in nature and the extent of damage they cause?

No, they are not. Different substances produce different kinds of fires and residues. Houses or businesses with more synthetic items would have more acidic residues and smoke.

  • Natural substances: Examples include paper, wood, and many other organic materials. The residue from these substances is usually black or grey.
  • Protein-based substances: These substances usually leave a greasy film on surfaces. On exposure to further heat, this film can harden and attach to its surface. Usually, it is difficult to remove.
  • Oil: Oil residues travel upwards and make stains on the ceiling. Without the aid of a professional, it is easy to miss these stains.

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