In our present world, there seem to be more viruses, bacteria, and infectious germs threatening human health everyday and as such, high-level disinfection service has become a widely recommended solution to curb the spread of diseases.

However, effective disinfection requires the expertise of certified and experienced professionals and the problem of finding the best disinfection service provider has become a task for most facility owners.

Whether you need cleaning service for your home on a regular basis or a high level disinfection for a public space such as a shopping malls, libraries, restaurant or casino, choosing a reliable specialized decontamination service company is important and the factors you should consider are very similar. Whatever your disinfection needs, below are five major factors that can help you make a decision.

1. Consider the location

Finding a disinfection service by area is essential not only to save you the waiting time for the service provider to get to you, but also to ensure that you get access to decontamination services in a situation where you may require such urgently.

Consider a post-lockdown Covid-19 situation where you find out an infected person had visited your workspace and you require immediate decontamination service. You wouldn’t want to have to wait several hours for a sanitizing company outside your local area, which will be dangerous.

An active decontamination company should have both local presence and visibility that makes it available to you anytime you need disinfection service.

2. Availability and speed of response

Availability includes both the response speed and service schedule flexibility. It is not enough that a disinfection service provider is close to you, availability is crucial too. The need for quick response to disinfection needs cannot be overemphasized. This is as important for general disinfection as it is for businesses returning to normal amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

A disinfection company that offers a flexible schedule of operation is vital for business premises where employees have to vacate for a while during decontamination. This means you need to ask specific questions to confirm availability. Does the company have enough service flexibility to serve you outside working hours?

We have a dedicated team of decontamination technicians at who are available to you 24 hours every day of the week in the case of an emergency disinfection response. We are always just a phone call away.

3. Professionalism

Disinfection of facilities for viruses, bacteria, germs, and bio-hazard decontamination should be carried out by highly trained technicians to ensure the most effective results. Therefore, before you hire a disinfection service, you should check out the quality of their team. How often do they train their staff? And do they have professionals with the latest training practices for specialized disinfection and decontamination?

As it is, public spaces such as casinos, restaurants and movie theaters have strict regulations to be able to reopen. Hence, you should also consider a disinfection company that understands all the regulations and makes use of CPC recommended resources. Also, check if their clean-up and disinfecting technicians are well equipped with the proper PPE and RPE and other specialist disinfection equipment. Do they maintain very high-quality control standards and follow laid down protocols? How flexible are they in adapting to different building structures?

All our decontamination technicians at are certified and we make use of improved technology like the electrostatic applications systems. We utilize CDC recommended and EPA registered disinfectants and state of the art equipment to ensure thorough removal of all traces of any virus or harmful bacteria from your premises regardless of the structure.

4. Liability insurance and business permit

It is never too much to request evidence of the company’s business permit and liability insurance certificate before you hire them to decontaminate your building. With numerous quacks posing as decontamination experts nowadays, it is important to be sure of the authenticity of the company you intend to hire to ensure the safety of your life and your family, clients or employees.  Also, you want to make sure that insurance covers anything damaged in your home or even staff theft. is a fully licensed and insured company where we take the utmost precaution in handling your premises and all its content during disinfection. However, we also understand that accidents happen, and that shouldn’t be your loss. Therefore, we have adequate insurance for any loss in the event of an accident during decontamination.

5. Rates and cost efficiency

Checking the price rates before you hire a disinfection company is just as important as ensuring that it is cost-efficient. An efficient disinfection service should not necessarily translate to erroneous prices. In addition to having friendly rates, professional disinfection providers will usually leave room for negotiation, payment plans, or discounts from which clients can benefit.

Alongside very reasonable costs, at, we provide free estimates on our services and suggest appropriate disinfection protocol for your premises at no charge. Also, all our pre-COVID-19 prices remain the same, even during the pandemic. In some cases, we may be able to work out flexible payment plans for clients that have challenge paying.

6. Check for experience and proven track record

A significant part of carrying out a background check on the disinfection company you intend to engage is to ascertain the rate of customer satisfaction with an insight into what you will get. A disinfection and decontamination company that is not willing and ready to provide you with references from previous clients on request is most likely unreliable.

Reviews and recommendations serve as a proof of a company’s track record and give you an idea of what quality of service they provide. It would help if you also inquired to know how long the company has been in business. Usually, checking the disinfection provider’s website is a good way to carry out some background checks on their services.

We have been in the business of cleaning and disinfection for over 20 years. Click here to view clients’ recommendations and reviews about our services at

7. Check out the company’s portfolio

Finally, you may want to enquire into the establishment’s portfolio and range of services, especially for specialist disinfection like COVID-19. Do they undertake a site survey? How thorough is their touch-point cleaning? Do they include ULV (ultra-low volume) disinfection or fogging (or both). Do they provide service for just particular kinds of buildings and facilities?

At, we offer both precautionary and preventative COVID-19 disinfection. We are available if you would like one-off protective sanitation of your premises as well as a high-level contingency control in case of a confirmed or suspected case. We also provide other bio-hazard cleaning and disinfection, molds removal, trauma cleanup, water, and fire damage cleaning, scheduled disinfection, and follow up services. If you are in search of a high decontamination service which is customizable and carried out by experienced and certified disinfection experts, then reach out to us on (619) 222-3056 for effective results at affordable rates.

This article was originally published in Jul-2020 and was last updated in Nov-2020.

Author: Kenny