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Disinfection Services San Diego

High-level disinfection and sanitizing service is now a part of routine cleaning practices for many health-conscious families and business owners.

Our top-notch disinfection service kills vegetative bacteria, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, fungi, mycobacterium, and the majority of spores, helping you and your loved ones lead healthy lives. Besides keeping your home safe, our viral and bacterial decontamination service will protect your business premise against all kinds of infectious diseases.

We make use of products that are included in the "EPA List N" approved disinfectants to be used for COVID-19 cleanup!

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"We love working with Kenny. He responds right away, he is very professional and does a great job. Thank you for your hard work. We can always count on you!"

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfection Services

While we all battle to stay safe and protect ourselves from contracting the coronavirus, it is vital that we adhere to all safety practices and take the necessary precautions to keep our premises well disinfected.

At EcoFMR, we are pleased to introduce our highly specialized CoVID-19 disinfection and sanitizing service for homes, offices, and other facilities.

Our expert decontamination team makes use of effective CDC and EPA List N approved disinfectants to ensure you are kept safe and protected.

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Industries We Serve

Our custom disinfection packages are tailored to meet your specific needs because we understand that no two spaces are the same. We will find you the perfect disinfecting formula to ensure the safety of your home and workspace.

Residential Areas

Disinfection Residences, Homes

Homes, Retirement Homes, Assisted Living: If you find that your family members have been falling sick more often, it could be due to spores, viruses, bacterial growth, or simply pests that need immediate attention. Also, as older people are more vulnerable to diseases, our disinfection services ensure their homes and environments are kept as clean and safe as possible.

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Commercial, Business

Disinfection Commercial, Offices

Offices, Retail Outlets, Businesses: For all shops, offices, and commercial establishments, we understand how keeping up with all of the CDC's cleaning and disinfecting regulations for your facility can be quite a task. This is why we have the experience and expertise of what is needed for each facility within different sectors and will help you take on the burden of keeping your workplace safe and healthy.

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Food Industries

Disinfection Food Industry

Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Grocery Stores: If you own a business associated with any of these food industries, you should consider a regular disinfection plan to mitigate the risk of infection. Our disinfection service for hotels, restaurants, and food industries is tailored to address operations and customer service, improving the hygiene level as you get ready to open your doors to the public.

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Educational Facility

Disinfection Educational Institutions

Schools, Daycares, Universities, Child Care Centers: The reopening of schools calls for special protocols for disinfection, and we are more than ready to take on the task to protect our little ones. The regular cleaning process by the school authorities does not necessarily kill all pathogens that cause infectious diseases. Our expert decontamination and sanitizing services specially designed for schools and other educational institutions are ideal for getting rid of viruses and bacteria.

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Public Places

Disinfection Public Places

Shopping Malls, Convenience Stores, Libraries, Theatres, Casinos: High visitor turnover and multiple touchpoints in public places can make the disinfection process challenging. The impact of this ranges from contamination of surfaces to increased risk of infection to your staff and customers. We understand the need to protect the health of both. This is why we provide specialized disinfection services for high touch point areas to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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Healthcare Facilities

Disinfection Healthcare

Hospitals, Gyms, Clinics, Diagnostics: Disinfecting the premise for healthcare organizations is essential to eliminate pathogens, reduce the spread of harmful microorganisms, and achieve an enhanced level of sanitation. Proper disinfection of healthcare facilities, clinics, wellness centers, and similar settings minimizes the risk of transmitting pathogens. We understand this and provide you with custom solutions to get rid of all forms of viruses and bacteria.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our solution can disinfect and decontaminate a premise and all its contents quickly and effectively.
  • We will account for EVERY surface in the room/premise – every crevice, nook, and corner, as well as the underside of furniture – any exposed surface, high touchpoints, are all disinfected.
  • We ensure strict adherence to the government prescribed standards and are very detailed and nuanced in our methodology.
  • Our solution kills 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold.
  • Leaves behind no residue and requires no further cleaning.
  • The premise can be reoccupied within an hour of completed treatment.
  • No need to move sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Non-corrosive, odorless, and colorless.
  • Our ULV wet fog disinfectant offers the most complete coverage of space and items

Touch Point Emphasis

Every facility has surfaces and objects frequently touched by multiple people. These critical areas are easily contaminated and can increase the risk of spread if not taken care of. Our technicians understand the importance of having these well disinfected and they are among our priorities. Common touchpoints areas for facilities include:

  • Entry Door Handles and Push Bars
  • Vending Machines/ATM Machines
  • Doorknobs/Handles/Handrails/GA Pump Handles
  • Stairway/Escalator Rails /Elevator Buttons
  • Light Switches
  • Kitchen and Front Counters
  • Tables/Desktops/Table-tops
  • Material handles/Remote Handles
  • Toilets/Bathrooms/Restrooms
  • Faucets/Sinks
  • Phones/Keyboards/Touchscreens

Why do you need a high level disinfection service?

The Problem

Disinfection Services
  • As experts of disaster restoration, we can say that disinfecting and sanitizing after every such incidence would make the air cleaner.
  • If your family members have been falling sick more often, your house may have spores, bacterial growth, or simply pests that need immediate attention.
  • If you own a business where your customers visit your facility, consider using our disinfection service.
  • High-level disinfection and sanitizing service is now a part of routine cleaning practices for many health-conscious families and business owners in San Diego and all over the USA.

Think EcoFMR when it comes to disinfecting your property

The Solution

Warehouse Disinfection Solutions
  • Our technical finesse and service-oriented attitude have propelled us to market leaders' position in this highly sophisticated market segment where success is proportional to the state of technology and experience of the service providers.
  • We can achieve this by deploying well trained, hardworking, honest, dedicated, and competent personnel who strive to deliver the best solutions for your complete satisfaction.
  • Our high-level disinfection and the sanitizing process use a gamut of technologies and methods to clean your home, business, or surroundings thoroughly to ensure that you are left with a clean environment so that you breathe cleaner air.

Call us to learn how we can disinfect/decontaminate your home or business.

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"We CARE! We care about our customers and keen on doing a great job. It is important to have a great line of communication with our customers to keep them informed throughout the process." - Kenny Olson (Owner)

Kenny Olson


High level Disinfection is a highly sophisticated task that must be performed observing strict adherence to the protocols. The very technical nature of the job makes it imperative to get it done by the professionals. It is recommended that it shall be performed by the professionals who are well trained and possess the technical know how. Also, the products and tools we use will be different from the one which one can buy from markets. All our products are tested for safety and approved results.
It is recommended to get the place inspected to know if you really need our services. Our teams are highly knowledgeable to assist with all sorts of questions that you may have. The range and scale of the operations will vary from situation to situation.
Most certainly yes, it will lead to plethora of benefits. Better hygiene practices always give rich dividends. Besides qualitative benefits like cleaner environment, it would also bring down the cost on health/medical bills. You may take your own call in deciding the frequency but getting it done once every six months is good enough.
Depending upon the area of operation you can reoccupy the rooms/space with a few hours.

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