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A flooded home or business can be very stressful calling for prompt action and remediation. We understand how serious a water damage can be if it goes unchecked or is not noticed.

While it can cause huge loss to the property, it also creates an ideal environment for the growth of various bacteria, fungi and molds, leading to countless health hazards.

With 20 years in the business, we provide professional water damage restoration service equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, certified staff and the best strategies to remove/dry the water immediately.

Client Quote

"About a month ago, I experienced a flood in my home from a busted water valve. Once the water was secured and the valve fixed, Kenny and his team came immediately and started the water restoration. Kenny was very informative and explained step by step what was expected of the process. He was quick, patient, and reassuring that everything was going to be taken care!"

Jennifer C. - San Diego, CA

Are you struggling to control water damage?

The Problem

Water Damage Restoration
  • Water damage has become one of the most common and destructive problems you can face in your home and business - ranging from bursting pipes to leaking faucets or roof and flooding.
  • Water can be corrosive and erosive further elevated by it's superior penetrating reach can cause damage to any structure.
  • The problem may be compounded by the growth of bacteria, as water is absorbed by carpets, curtain, wallpapers and even walls that may further lead to growth of mold.

water damage repair and restoration services

The Solution

Water Damage Restoration
  • Equipped with leading technology, water mitigation techniques and IICRC certification, we'll provide time-bound and resourceful water damage restoration services to ensure that your property is dried properly and thoroughly.
  • We'll first accurately assess the origin, extent of damage - and then plan a unique strategy to restore the damaged area/property - which includes cleaning, drying and disinfecting.
  • We believe that a faster response to your water issue will reduce the damage and cost. Hence, we are always ready to restore your home or business quickly.

The size of the damage doesn't matter. We help you restore your property!

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"We CARE! We care about our customers and keen on doing a great job. It is important to have a great line of communication with our customers to keep them informed throughout the process." - Kenny Olson (Owner)

Kenny Olson


Water damage can be caused by natural disasters , wear and tear in pipes , appliances malfunction ( broken dishwasher) , sewage system faults .Some are unpredictable and uncontrollable like floods, flash floods some may be unprecedented. But irrespective of the origin almost all would call for an urgent remediation and expert advice.
Stagnant water itself is a cause for many health related problem. Besides contamination it can also cause severe damage to the electrical system of your house/business. It may also damage the foundation of house thus making the entire structure vulnerable. It may also cause mold growth that again would be cause of great health related concerns.
Primary reason is the severity of the problem. The experts can gauge the extent of problem accurately and would have the hands on experience to deal with the situation. Stagnant water may seem harmless but it hides dangers which require expert eyes to be seen.
In the majority of the cases, pipe leakage is a minor issue. In larger water losses it is important to have the water source turned off and have us start the water mitigation process right away. This will help prevent secondary damages from happening and preventing microbial growth. Our skilled techniques with moisture meters can detect the water damage and take remedial actions accordingly. A local plumber will be needed at some point to fix the broken pipe, or plumbing related issue. So, our professional help is your best bet to begin the process.
It shall be pertinent to mention that water damage that results from lack of maintenance is not covered on a standard homeowner's insurance policy. Usually homeowner's insurance provides coverage for sudden and accidental (such as water heater ruptures or pipe bursts). We do our best to help you navigate the insurance process and understanding what to expect.
Yes, it could be. Any leakage, minor or major, should be taken as seriously as it might lead to issues like property damage, excessive moisture generation in the affected area and electrical failure.
Water damage is usually extensive that needs to be taken care with utmost care to prevent any sort of damage to the property. In addition, it is not all about drying up the wet walls. It includes proper and complete water extraction, proper drying followed by extensive dehumidification, cleaning up the affected area and basic structural repair. If you possess the tools, the technical knowledge and an insight to assess the extent of the damage - you can try fixing it. However, it is best left for professionals to do this work.
Our suggestion is to unplugged all your electronic devices during a water damage. The reason being is during a leakage the electricity gets flow through the water and might give an electric shock or damage the device. So, it is better to keep your devices unplugged.
Well, it entirely depends upon the level of damage. While a small leaking issue can be rectified in a day or two, larger losses can take considerably longer depending on the severity and category of the water damage. Our trained water damage restoration experts in San Diego will do the analysis of the damaged property and give you a solid estimation of the timeline you can expect.

Why choose us

  • The most important points to ponder over while choosing a water damage restoration company are quality and affordability.
  • Our years of experience, our trained professionals possess the most cutting edge tools that will make accurate assessment of the water damage or flood damage situation, and subsequently chalk out a restoration strategy to craft a unique solution for you.
  • We use only recommended and proven restoration methods with the latest tools and technology to deliver exceptional quality at affordable prices.
  • We also offer 24/7 emergency flood damage services, because time is the most crucial factor while dealing with water and flood related problems.

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