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Environmental friendly odor removal solutions

Odor can manifest itself in various forms. It is one of the most stubborn problem that becomes trickier with every passing hour. It may linger on for a longer time if not treated properly, making your daily routines irritable.

Our odor removal system delivers a surface application and an air treatment in combination to eliminate your odor problems. We do not cover or mask the odor, instead destroys it at the molecular level. Our aim is to completely eliminate the odor present in your home or business by getting to its root.

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"Kenny was the best! If you can believe it, he was able to get the smell of skunk out of my house. A skunk that had sprayed in my house. Totally happy!"

Angela Guerrero - San Diego, CA

Are you breathing unhealthy air?

The Problem

Odor Remediation
  • Bad odor if left untreated will linger for a longer time leading to severe health problems.
  • Unpleasent odor can also leave a dent on the elegance and tranquility of your home or business. Not to mention - an improper tackling of the problem will eventually lead to hiked expenditure.
  • Residual odors often gets trapped in clothing, carpets, drapes, upholstered furnitures and walls. You need a professional odor removal service to properly clean, deodorize and completely eliminate the odor from the damaged property.

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The Solution

Odor Removal Service
  • Our team of odor remediation experts with their wealth of experience and training, will understand your needs and deploy start-of-the-art tools to destory the odor from its root.
  • Our services are highly affordable, effective, and result-oriented. We use non-harmful chemicals and our system is completely environment-friendly.
  • We have dedicated teams for both home and commercial properties. We understand the urgency of the situation and deliver fast solutions to get your business/life back on track - in no time.

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"We CARE! We care about our customers and keen on doing a great job. It is important to have a great line of communication with our customers to keep them informed throughout the process." - Kenny Olson (Owner)

Kenny Olson

Our odor elimination system:

  • Destroys odors at the molecular level.
  • Does not cover or mask odor. It actually DESTROYS it.
  • Eliminates odors by getting to the ROOT of the problem.
  • Safely deodorizes a variety of surfaces and spaces.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals, enzymes or bacteria.
  • Our system is completely ecologically friendly.

Our odor removal services eliminates odors from:

  • Fire, smoke, mold
  • Urine, feces and decay
  • Musty homes & Basements
  • Kitchen, Cooking, Tobacco, Cigarette
  • Storage units, Locker rooms
  • Automobiles, Fitness facilities
  • Body and Living odors
  • VOCs and Other stubborn odors

Our System is ideal for:

  • Homes, Offices, Real Estate
  • Autos, RV’s, and Boats
  • Gyms and Locker rooms
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Day Cares and Senior Centers
  • Restaurants, Bars
  • Hotels
  • And so much more!

Our system delivers a surface application and an air treatment in combination to eliminate your odor problem!


To an extent DIY home remedies may help, but will not eliminate the odor completely. This is because tar tends to stick to places which are difficult to clean. This includes the AC vent and space behind wall lights.
It usually depends. A simple washing may take off the odor. In a few cases, aggressive odors can be deodorized. Our treatment can be used before washing the clothes.
It is a not a good idea to have the smoke damaged wall sealed. Once it is sealed, it can actually worsen odor problem. We have a certain protocol to follow to achieve success. The process becomes more difficult when smoke odor has been painted or sealed, to the point it can reduce our success.
The challenge of restoration not just solely focuses on the physical aspects of your property. It also includes the overall condition. The charred or burned pieces yields smoke and odor that if not taken care of at once may be deeply embedded on the surfaces of any property. It can linger in walls, clothing, ceiling, and upholstery. We get rid of the smoke and odor the fire brought up and also clean up the air with natural and safe products.
Yes, you will have access to your belongings. All you need do is give us a notice beforehand so that our staff or company representative will schedule a time for you to access your belongings.
Getting a professional's help to eliminate bad odor and smoke from your house is essential because of its immediate and long-term effects. Usually, smoke contains thousands of toxic compounds. These toxic elements cause serious corrosion of surface, textile staining, and metal corroding. This can cause serious health issues including shortness of breath and asthma. With such a wide array of hazards, ignoring it would be imprudent.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our professional odor removal and control service will ensure that there are no traces of odor and smoke in your home or business.
  • We deploy the latest tools and techniques to deal with all sort of odor. Our motto is to serve you at earliest and bring your home back to its original condition.
  • We eliminate unpleasant odors right at the source, by using natural products which are environment friendly and safe.
  • We not only remove odor but also improve the quality of air in and around your home, business.

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