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Disinfection Services For Public Places

We keep your Shopping Malls, Convenience Stores, Libraries, Theatres and Casinos free from contamination and infectious diseases.

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EcoFMR's Public Space Disinfection Services

We strive hard to keep your premises safe from molds, bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Harmful microorganisms in public spaces are increasingly becoming a source of concern to facility owners. Public places like cinemas, convenience stores, libraries, and malls are high destination areas for consumers leading to an alarming risk of contamination and the spread of infectious diseases.

The reputation of a business is reflected in the way its facilities are cared for and the level of hygiene maintained in the environment. Keeping your business premises safe and disinfected reduces staff absenteeism, increases productivity, and attracts customers.

At EcoFMR, we offer ultra-modern decontamination services to:

  • Ensure the safety of your facility
  • Provide a germ-free environment for your staff and customers and
  • Protect the reputation of your business.

Routine Disinfection of Public Places

With the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and the gradual return to normal in the United States, the need to prevent the spread of infections in public spaces such as shopping malls and stores is rising.

Traditional cleaning is hardly enough to combat the multitudes of bacteria, viruses that invade such environments. Public places require proficient biohazard remediation and high-risk disinfecting to protect against harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses.

We provide deep cleaning followed by modern decontamination services using safe EPA listed disinfectants. Our expert cleaning technicians will sanitize your facility and make it a healthier place where your employees and clients feel safe.

Shopping Malls and Convenience Stores

Shopping malls and convenience stores tend to attract high traffic, making them susceptible to germs and viruses. Store owners and mall administrators must disinfect all objects and surfaces regularly to minimize the risk of infection.

At EcoFMR, we provide enhanced environmental disinfection for shopping malls and stores with a specialized focus on potentially contaminated surfaces like trolleys, shelves, shopping carts, and point of sale keypads.

Theatres and Casinos

Theatres and Casinos, Galleries, and other similar buildings all have particular sanitization guidelines for reopening as required by local laws and recommended by the CPC.

As a public space owner, you cannot ignore the importance of regularly disinfecting your facility, as it's vital to maintain visitors' safety and the overall reputation of your business.

We offer over 20 years of experience in deep cleaning and proactive anti-microbial remedies for your facilities. We also utilize high tech disinfection technology with EPA listed chemicals that kill viruses, bacteria, and other germs up to 99.9999%.

Getting Started:

Our specialists conduct a thorough inspection of your facility to determine what type of disinfecting procedure your facility requires. We also carry out a budget estimation at no cost. We make use of U.S. EPA registered disinfectants for critical disinfection against biological contaminants through modern decontamination techniques including ULV disinfection fogging.

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