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Disinfection Services For Food Industries

We keep your hotels, restaurants, grocery store and resorts free from contamination and infectious diseases.

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EcoFMR's Disinfection Services For Hotels, Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Food Industries

We are committed to protecting your hotels, restaurants, resorts, pubs, bars and similar facilities from viruses and other harmful germs or microorganisms, so you have a safe space for your staff and customers.

Adopting an effective decontamination routine for your foodservice facility is an indication of improved business standards and culture. It gives your customers a proven assurance that you are doing the best to serve them in a safe and clean environment.

Our intensive cleaning and disinfection protocol eliminates mold, bacteria, and dangerous viruses from your business premises. In today's world, having a visually clean surface is not sufficient to ensure a safe environment. Some surfaces require deep cleaning, and some food equipment may require disassembling for proper sanitization.

Protect your brand and reputation with deep cleaning disinfection Service

High-level disinfection in the food industry is an intensive task that is vital to ensure food safety. Every day, customers step into grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants with germs from different places, and so it becomes very critical to prevent all forms of microbial contamination.

People consuming contaminated food or getting infected within unclean premises can lead to illness or can be fatal. Such incidents may attract prosecution of the operator of such a facility or cause some irreparable damage to the business's reputation.

Why should restaurants and other food service facilities be disinfected?

Boost customers' confidence in your business: More than ever, employees and customers are becoming very cautious and paying more attention to the way businesses clean and care for their environment. The appearance of your facility and equipment can have a psychological effect on potential customers. You can improve guest return rate and attract stakeholders by keeping a tidy and hygienic environment.

Improve staff satisfaction and productivity: If your workers are often grumpy, ill, or sloppy, check if you're providing them with a safe work environment. A clean and pleasant working environment boosts staff's sense of security and offers satisfaction that ultimately improves productivity.

Elongate plant and machinery life: Removing soil contamination from your plants and equipment increases their efficiency and elongates plant productivity.

Ensure safety: Cleaning and disinfection eliminate the risks of disease spread, food poisoning, the outbreak of infection, and protect against accidents like slips and falls caused by food spillages or debris.

EcoFMR's Disinfection Services for hotels, resorts, restaurants and grocery stores

EcoFMR's innovative deep cleaning and disinfection solutions include high-risk decontamination processes that protect your facility from allergies, molds, germs, bacteria and other contaminants that usually go unattended during regular cleaning. Our technical experts use EPA-registered disinfectants and cutting-edge technology to eliminate pathogens within a few minutes, so your business is not interrupted for more extended periods.

Some safety tips to curb the spread of diseases in restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and other similar facilities:

  • Encourage employees to wash their hands frequently
  • Staff who are ill should be advised to stay home
  • Advice the use of cloth face coverings
  • Practice social distancing
  • Ensure the provision of soap, water and hand sanitizers in strategic places
  • Have posters/signs in visible locations with safe practices
  • Clean food stains, leftover residues, and wastes immediately
Many states in the US have local regulations that guide the reopening of grocery stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

Our disinfection service for food industries is based on local regulations and guidelines by the CPC and FDA for keeping hotels, restaurants, and other foodservice facilities safe.

Enhanced focus on touchpoint areas and kitchens

We place extra emphasis on equipment and surfaces on which raw food is prepared or tabletops where ready to eat meals are served. All surfaces that come in contact with food and hands are disinfected to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of pathogens.

  • Chopping boards
  • Tabletops
  • Door/fridge handles
  • Food processing equipment
  • Water taps and washbasins
  • Light switches

We understand the uniqueness of foodservice facilities. Therefore, we advise our customers on cleaning and disinfection protocols depending on your facility's features and peculiar severity level.

Getting Started:

Our specialists conduct a thorough inspection of your facility to determine what type of disinfecting procedure your facility requires. We also carry out a budget estimation at no cost. We make use of U.S. EPA registered disinfectants for critical disinfection against biological contaminants through modern decontamination techniques including ULV disinfection fogging.

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